Web Design

Alex Morrel Physio - Squarespace Redesign

Our Role
Web Designers
Mar 2020 - Apr 2020

Building a personal branded website

Alex from Alex Morrell Physiotherapy wanted to refresh and optimise his personal website with some refined branding. We took control over the old Squarespace site and transformed his website to match his refined branding.

Putting a face on the brand

The problem with most personal brand websites is that they are not personal enough. While it is scary to put yourself out there on the web, it is necessary to introduce yourself to your audience and potential customers through your website.

With Alex having worked with some amazing teams in the UK, we included pictures of Alex on the pitch to increase his authority in the Physiotherapy industry. A headshot was also included for a more formal introduction with accompanying context on Alex's background and industry experience.

If you'd like to view Alex's website visit https://alexmorrellphysio.com/