Web Design

Rustic Bespoke Furniture - Squarespace Development

Our Role
Web Designers
May-Aug 2020

Hand-crafted website for hand-crafted products

Rustic Bespoke furniture company creates amazing bespoke furniture with precission, bringing design ideas to life with solid premium wood.

While they had no logo or digital presence they had acquired a large list of loyal customers through their shop in Leeds and their outstanding quality of work.

Our project was to create branding that showcases the hand-crafted quality of their work and a website with unique copywriting.

Creating the brand

"Everything is made by hand, so we want a logo that shows the effort and attention that we put into each one of our products" - Sait | Co-owner of Rustic Bespoke

Crafting the digital experience

The client had some key points that needed to be addressed with the website development. The notes we were given were the below:

  • Easy to use and update website.
  • Copywriting that truly expresses us.
  • Simple and minimal design.
  • Quick turnaround time.

After discussing alternative options with the client, we believed Squarespace was the best platform for the website to keep maintenance to a minimum. It also meant that editing the website would be simple and straight-forward.

Squarespace also allowed our team to build the website fast and make turnaround time less than a month from start to finish of this project.

If you'd like to learn more about Rustic Bespoke Furniture visit https://www.rusticbespoke.co.uk/